Rakkenheid, Guild Wars 2 Community
Active Community: Join the groups! Get progression and the interaction on the content that you love. Events and activities in all three game types for Guild Wars 2, hosted by your guild, with a 0% rep policy. Adult teamspeak presence with little shame, and active off-hours discussion.
Daily & Weekly Schedule: A successful menu of events for both casual and progressive core. WvW, raid, and leagues for the consistent players, with consistent guild daily groups for the casuals. Three years of guild-hosted events has kept the Rakk community busy (and wealthy!).
The Raid Core: Tuesday R&D (training) and Thursday Core, casual and progression respectively. Some take raiding a little bit more seriously, and some others just prefer to have fun and need an excuse to drink. Either way, each group is organized by veterans who keep the focus on expectations.
WvW, Gate of Madness: Proud to represent with wvw missions, dailies, and server events. As one of many active wvw guilds on our server, Rakkenheid coordinates with GoM communities for tier progression. Builds and compositions are open, though situational awareness is required!